Fire In, Fire Out

Emmas Premium Pre Rolls begin with fresh quality flower from artisan growers in Thailand. Using quality flower from talented craft, small-batch, and micro-producers is great way to ensure that our cannabis flower rolling material is always fresh, loved and indeed, premium smoking material.

Product Materials

Emmas Premium Pre Rolls are made with meticulous attention to detail. We understand that everything matters – the paper, the glue, the filter, the way it’s rolled and packed and a host of other considerations.

Packaging, Freshness and Small Batches

Emmas Premium Pre Rolls are made in our facility in Ayutthaya, pre-packaged, and shipped to retail stores. Emmas are produced in small batches. Talented and skilled craft growers produce limited batches of fresh quality flower, ensuring that Emmas Premium Pre Rolls get into your hands quickly as possible.